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ORMUS (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements)

ORMUS (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements) were discovered by David Hudson a farmer of Arizona.  Acronym of “Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements” is ORME. This ORME is also known as m-state elements. These ORME’ s are the atoms which are not bound to one another but these atoms get together to become a material. This state of being not bound to one another is called Mono atomic state. In comparison to normal elements, these ORME’ s consist of  diverse physical properties.  These ORME’ s consist of Exotic matter which is a new form of matter discovered.
ORMUS are said to have excellent benefits on our physical as well as mental health. The most famous ORMUS element is monatomic gold. This Mono atomic gold was treated as the god’s food by Egyptians. This monatomic gold is taken by Egyptians so as to amplify their physical , mental and spiritual capabilities. These ORMUS are used in alchemy long back. It was mentioned as Philosopher’s stone in various alchemy books too.
There are around twelve metals which are said to be ORMUS elements. They are Platinum, Gold, Copper, Silver, Cobalt, Nickel, Mercury, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Osmium, and Iridium. All these metals are said to be metals which are precious having diverse atomic state. Still there might be some more ORMUS elements which are undiscovered.
The ORMUS elements are available richly in Salt of seawater, fresh water, air and in some rocks. The ORMUS elements most vital for humans are Rhodium and Iridium. Rhodium can be mainly used for particular disease’s cure. Iridium is used for good health.
To Extract ORMUS from natural resources a variety of methods are known. To Extract ORMUS elements from salt of sea water, we need a magnetic trap which is used to collect ORMUS from Salt of sea water. This Magnetic trap is designed to use Meissner’ s effect and collect all the ORMUS from sea water salt from the sea water that passes through the magnetic trap. The ORMUS element extracted in this way contains ORMUS Rhodium characteristic i.e. oily characteristic. These ORMUS elements are also found in some foods. ORMUS elements are also available in most of the biological systems.
The most regular food which consists of Rhodium and Iridium ORMUS elements which are very good for human health is Aloe Vera. Another most important ORMUS element which plays a vital role to improve health of human is gold. It is often referred to as m-Gold or White gold. The ORMUS elements help humans to rejuvenate. ORMUS Elements mainly ORMUS gold has very rare properties that improve human’s health. Health here denotes all aspects of health i.e., Physical, Mental, Spiritual health. ORMUS Gold is said to have properties to enhance spiritual consciousness, supernatural phenomenon, long life support, high increase in production of neurotransmitter, enhanced lucidity of dream, anti-aging properties which produce remarkable changes. ORMUS Gold elements also help to get joint pain relief and joint disintegration. ORMUS gold also helps to improve metabolism of cell rapidly to a required rate. It is also proven that ORMUS gold is helpful in rejuvenation of cells. It was also believed that ORMUS elements enhance flow of energy in all meridians of acupuncture and also inside the micro tubules present in every living cell.
These ORMUS Elements are already into health market because of their special and rare properties which improve health in all directions. These ORMUS elements are also considered by people who practice yoga, meditation, alchemy etc. for spiritual advantages. ORMUS elements also help to enhance our supernatural skills such as telepathy, the capacity to judge what is good and what is bad, to send your thoughts and induce your thoughts into another person’s mind. These ORMUS elements also stimulate the capacity to walk on the surface of water, and ascend. This is possible as these ORMUS elements cancel all the external magnetic fields that act on human. ORMUS elements even cancel the gravity of Earth. This helps a human to become abnormal.
The ORMUS gold i.e., m-gold is used to take a person ahead of the four dimensional space of time field. This makes the individual to become a fifth dimensional person. These fifth dimensional persons can go where ever they want to go just by thinking to go to that place. Yes this is possible really. ORMUS elements take a person to such an extent in fifth dimension that the person  will be able to heal just by moving their hands. Such people can even bring a person who died into life within two to three days after death. ORMUS gold is having such a power of making people to enhance their spiritual power so that the person becomes highly energetic and they can cuddle people by taking out light and energy from them and bring back the same into them.
ORMUS elements are also used to treat animals which are sick. It was an interesting fact that Plants and animals grow upward which is away from gravity only because of these ORMUS elements.

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